Basic Information

Q. Do we provide cod? Is Cod available? Do we have Cash on delivery? Do we accept Cash on delivery?
A. Yes Cash On Delivery is available


Q. Do we ship internationally? Do we ship abroad? Do we ship overseas? International shipping available? Overseas shipping available? Abroad shipping available?
A. Yes we ship overseas.


Q. Are there any extra charges for international/ overseas / abroad shipping?
A. Yes there are extra courier charges on actual basis.


Q. How long does international / Overseas / abroad shipping takes?
A. Normal it takes 10-15 days, still it can vary depending on distance and destinations.


Q. How long does it take for a product to get delivered in india?
A. In our normal shipping it takes 8-10 days, and in express shipping it takes 3-5 days.


Q. What is our return policy?
A. We do not accept returns, but if you don’t like the sunglasses or the fit you can always get it exchanged. The courier charges for exchanging the product will be borne by the customer.


Q. What if I get a damaged sunglasses?
A. If you get a damaged sunglasses you can always get it exchanged, the time limit for exchanging the product is 7 days after the product is delivered. And for the proof that you have received the damaged product you have to provide us the original uncut video of courier box opening.


Q. What if I get late in exchanging the product?
A. Sorry if 7 days have past then we cannot accept the product.


Q. What if the product doesn’t get delivered to me?
A. If the product gets misplaced while in transit it will be our responsibility to send you the new pair of sunglasses.


Q. I’m from outside india, and I’m unable to place order.
A. Not to worry, for overseas orders you need to contact us directly through e-mail or WhatsApp and let us know the product you want to order. We will place the order for you from our end and a PayPal invoice will be sent to you. Once you make the payment via PayPal your order will be dispatched.


Q. I’m unable to track order? I can’t track my order?

A. Not to worry if you have received the AWB number of the courier company that means your courier has been dispatched, there are times when courier company takes time in updating the tracking. You can wait and try after sometime.


Q. Can I track my order? How can I track my order?
A. After your product is dispatched you will receive a confirmation mail of your your product been dispatched, along with the docket number. You can go to the courier companies tracking page to tack your parcel or you can even visit our websites tracking page to track your courier.


Q. I want you to arrange sunglasses for me.

A. Sorry we do not accept such requests.